• Millennium Nail Tips x 40 including glue

Millennium Nail Tips x 40 with 3gr Glue

Perfect for home use or as retail item for your clients.

Tip Application
1) Dehydrate the nail plate with nail prep, buff the area to be bonded and choose the correct nail tip size to match your natural nail.
2) Apply a small drop of adhesive top the well area of the nail tip and slide the tip on to the edge of the natural nail. Press down and hold firmly until dry.
3) Apply the adhesive to the entire nail surface and let dry.
4) File to the desired length and buff until the entire surface is smooth, wipe off product on the nail tip and polish with a colour of your choice.
Keep out of  childrens reach
Please read all instructions thoroughly before use.
The adhesive bonds instantly. Product must be kept away from direct heat & sunlight. Do not use if you have a weak or thin nails, or have any nail infections. Adhesive on the skin can be removed with acetone. If irritation occurs, consult a doctor, if the adhesive gets in the eyes do not rub, but flush with water and seek professional advice immediately.

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Millennium Nail Tips x 40 including glue

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