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Crazy Color Instructions

But before you start take a couple of minutes to read these instructions to make sure you get the best possible results.

First up, do a patch test
It's extremely unlikely that you'll have a reaction but it's best to be safe. Put a little spot of the dye on a patch of skin and leave it there for 20 minutes or so. If you get any reaction like itching, burning or a rash then rinse it off and don't use it.
If you want to make sure that the colour is going to be what you want then we also suggest that you test a small amount of crazy colour hair dye on a strand of your hair, a couple of inches at the end of a strand at the back of your hair is a good place to test as if it's not right no one will see.

Next, lighten your hair:
To get the very best results from Crazy colour hair dye we recommend that you bleach or lighten your hair first, you don't have to, some really nice results are possible by adding a tint to dark hair but to get the colour on the bottle you need to bleach it first. We recommendcrazy colour bleach, we also recommend that you always follow the instructions on the pack
Now, apply the dye:
Wash your hair with a PH balanced shampoo (e.g. Dove shampoo), then rinse thoroughly but don't condition your hair. While your hair is still quite wet, apply Crazy Colour dye carefully with a tint brush. Brush the dye on all the way along each strand of hair starting at the nape of your neck and working up to the top of your head. You might want to get someone to help apply the dye.
Top Tip; once the dye is on, comb it through to make sure that all of your hair is evenly coated, the more you do this the better the results will be.

Then wait:
Leave the dye on your hair for 15 - 30 minutes, exactly how long it takes Crazy Colour to fully colour your hair depends on how thick and how porous your hair is, if in doubt, wait the full 30 minutes. 

And finally, rinse;
Rinse your hair with warm water, it's best to hold your head upside down over the bath while you do this so you dont get dye on your face. Rinse until the water is mostly clear and you're done. Time to go out and show of your amazing new hair.

A few more tips:

  • Put a little petroleum jelly on your forehead and your ears before you start, it will stop your skin from staining.
  • Don't use your mum's best towels.
  • Wear plastic or rubber gloves.
  • Don't sleep on light pillows for a couple of days as the colour can rub off a bit.
  • Never mix Crazy Color with peroxide directly.
  • Crazy Colour hair dye can last around 6-8 washes, it varies depending on your hair type.

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