• Eyelash Perming Kit

Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking eyes with longer, thicker lashes.

It is suitable for short, sparse, and straight lashes. This kit gives a long lasting results up to the life of your lashes.


This new kits comes with x2 sets of silicone pads. These silicone rods are easy to use than the traditional rods.

This comes with everything you need to start perming your lashes.

 Perming kit yields approxiamtely 20+ applications depending on the character of the lashes and how much solution is required.

Easy & fast application only takes up to 20 minutes for the whole procedure.



 x2 Sets: Root Lifting Eyelash Perming Silicone Eye Shield Pads

Included with Perm kit: x2 Sets Each Sizes (S,M,L)


This is a new perming technique that is sweeping across Asia.

 These silicone shields is specially shaped to fit all eye shape.

By utilizing these silicone pads, you will achieve a lift and shape effect rather than the unnatural curls you get by using regular perming rods.

These silicone shields gently lifts and perms the natural lashes from the root.

Giving the appearance of longer and thicker lashes.


If you perm lashes with the traditional rods than this will be easier to use.

You can use any eyelash perming glue to hold the lash down.

Choose the desired sized pad and place as close to the root of the lashes as possible.

Use a brush with a dab of glue and brush a lashes upward over the rod.

Our single sphere brushes in another listing would work best with brushing the lashes. 

Then sweep the lashes in an upward motion. Make sure the lashes are straight and fan lashes out evenly on the silicone pad.

Then perm lashes as you normally would.


Silicone pads are reusable and is easy to clean. Just wash with soap and water when done. Dry silicone pad and store in a bag or container.


 Perm Kit & Silicone Pads Includes:

English Instruction

Perming Cream 1

Fixatives Cream 2

x2 Silicone Pad Set: Size - S,M,L

Fixing Gel (Glue)
Pure Essence Cream: To Nourish Lash

Coating: Coat Lash After Procedure For A Glossy Finish

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Eyelash Perming Kit

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