• Professional Eyebrow Kit

Professional Eyebrow Kit

Professional Eyebrow Kit creates that perfect brow in seconds for faint, disappearing and sparse brows The brow stencil shapes work for almost all brows even people with little or no hair there and defines the face beautifully. Based on the professional 3-point brow shaping technique taught in the finest beauty schools throughout the world and can be used as part of your up keep with hi definition brows and the all new 3d brows and designer brows.

Kit Contains:

- 1 x Black Leather Case- this holds all the tools neat and tidy

- 3 x brow powder colors to mix for the most natural shade, as using one shade may not provide the most natural look

- 1 x Brow Fill In Powder creates full natural brows. The Brow Fill In Powder has three co-ordinates shades that lets you customize your color for a natural look. 

- 1 x ultra refined powder formula blends easily with brows to fill in sparse areas and stays on all day without fading

- 1 x Brush on pressed powders for perfect brows or eyeliner. Soft or dramatic lines are easy to create with this convenient compact

colors blend easily but stay on. 

- 1 x Vanity Mirror on the underneath side of the powder colors

- 1 x Pro Lash & 1 x Eyebrow Comb. This tool brushes, grooms, and separates lashes and eyebrows. The boar-bristle brush grooms eyebrows into place, blending in brow color and/or prepping for gels

- 1 x metal lash comb separates each hair to remove mascara clumps and create uniformity. The lash comb has tapered metal teeth, which divides and defines individual lashes easier than plastic combs

- 1 x Brow Brush/Lash Comb. This tool is used to comb out each individual eye brow hair to secure it in place before applying you brow gel.

- 1 x Angled brow brush. A finely angled brush for filling in and contouring eyebrows. By dipping this angled brush into your favourite brow powder, you can fill in sparse brows and create shape

and thickness where it is lacking with just a couple, simple strokes. Dip into the brow powder or powdered eye shadow that's one shade lighter than your natural brow shade. Tap off the excess and apply with upward strokes until the desired shape is achieved. 

- 1 x Definition Brush to give definition to the finished shape

- 1 x scissors to trim any long hairs

- 1 x Fixing Brow Gel, a setting gel that provides natural, lasting hold paired with a styling brush that allows you to sculpt with precision. Groomed brows should never feel (or look) stiff or sticky. This professional eyebrow kit has formulated a brow gel that provides clear, lasting hold for a more polished look that's always natural. 

- 1 x mini brush is more effective for grooming the brows than a traditional spiral brush. If you already wear brow gel, you'll be amazed at its effectiveness and the rubbing of the gel

onto the brows stimulates the hair follicles promoting growth wear needed on the brows.

- 1 x Tweezers for plucking the unwanted hair out.

- 1 x Razor, the perfect touch-up tool for expertly groomed eyebrows. The razor comfortably trims unwanted hair with exacting precision to give that perfect square pruned look.

- 8 x Brow Shaping Stencils - Fine, Natural, Full and extra Full for creating the right shape. Whether you want to recreate an amazing brow shape at home or maintain the general up keep of your stencils are the must-have for your beauty regime. Crafted of pliable plastic, these stencils are durable, easy to use and easy to clean. This one-of-a-kind set of stencils are available in eight shapes to suit any face shape: 

Petite Arch- Recommended for small facial features
Slim High Arch- Recommended for brows in training, growth challenged, thin or sparse brows
Medium Arch- Recommended for brows with a softer arch that naturally creates less space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye
High Arch- Recommended for brows with a higher arch that naturally creates more space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye
Full Arch - Recommended for the fullest shape and larger facial features. 

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Professional Eyebrow Kit

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