• Hedco Jam Putty

HEDCO Jam Putty

Full of texture and suitable for all hair types, Hedco Professional Jam Putty is a truly sleek styling aid that allows for bespoke alteration at any time of the day. Capable of providing smooth looks or a ruffled finish depending entirely on your mood, the putty’s creamy formula also gives a gorgeous natural shine that will enliven your hair and refresh your style. 
Spread a small amount of Hedco Professional Jam Putty onto palms/fingertips and apply to dry/towel dried hair. 
Why it works
Hedco Professional Jam Putty uses a variety of ingredients as part of its 3-hold rating formula with each chosen to operate stealthily and give the most natural impression possible. Hydrogenated castor oil forms the base of the putty’s texturising prowess, while its soft texture allows for application to long hair, halting frizz without restricting movement. 

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Hedco Jam Putty

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